About VeBA Inc.

Founded in 2003, VeBA is a global leader in designing high-performance medical hosiery and socks, sport-specific socks, and compression protection products. We provide consumers with technically superior medical, sport and Health and Safety socks and hosiery products at a great value.

We are a Canadian company with extensive design and manufacturing roots. We designed and built product for many of the well established brands. In 2003 we created VeBA to take advantage of new materials and manufacturing technology and to make major improvements in established brand designs.

We make all our products to” fit” a foot and to move with a foot in motion. Making for example; a seamless toe, a proper heel pocket, true graduated compression, a properly tensioned cuff, and weaving together such fibres as Kevlar and polyethylene takes extra time, care and cost. This is why our socks actually look like a foot and not like a tube or a bag, as do many of our competitor’s product. It is no surprise to us when our customers tell us our product just feels better on their feet.

We have had many design and marketing firsts including the first cut resistant Kevlar sport sock which has been used extensively in Hockey for many years. We also integrated “true” graduated compression technology into our sport socks before it became fashionable. It is because of our experience in designing and manufacturing better fitting “true” graduated compression sport socks, that we began to manufacture medical compression hosiery. Unfortunately today many retail sport socks are sold as “compression socks” without meeting any particular standards. Their compression rate varies widely, usually degrades quickly, and is not graduated properly from the toe to the cuff of the sock. This defeats their performance “claims”. Our compression socks are tested to the same graduated compression standards as our medical compression product.

Unlike many other companies we manufacture all our products in Canada and the USA. We also use third party external testing to ensure our product meet or exceed quality and medical compression and fit standards. We have not acquiesced to manufacturing overseas our decision is to stay local and is strongly influenced by our desire easily monitor material and production quality control, to reduce shipping costs, and reduce our carbon footprint on the environment.