Diabetic Products

VeBA’s diabetic socks and stockings are specially designed to protect and rejuvenate your feet.

The antimicrobial material and other features combine to provide excellent comfort and blister protection. Cotton-free and dye-free, these socks reduce the risk of irritation.

  • Diabetic sockExtra foot protection
  • Enhanced comfort and blister protection
  • Reduced risk of skin irritation
  • Reduced pressure and abrasion
  • Cotton-free & dye-free
  • Anti-microbial material
  • Comfort-top, full-cushion toe bed
  • Seamless toe area

The comfort top, full cushion footbed and seamless toe area minimize undue pressure and abrasion. The gripper sole provides superior traction to reduce the risk of slipping on smooth surfaces.

Available for men and women in different styles and colours.

Choose a diabetic sock that’s right for you.